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Take a walk in Tel Aviv



Jaffa Port


Jaffa Port, in the south part of Tel Aviv, was renovated just a few years ago. On Saturdays, the area is packed with locals and tourists, so if you're not a fan of crowded places, try an early morning visit or skip the weekend, and plan a workday visit. You can take a walk along the boardwalk, have a cup of coffee, and visit the art galleries and shops in the area.

Jaffa Port is located a minute's walk from the Flea Market, Noga neighborhood, and Florentin.





Florentin is one of the hippest areas in Tel Aviv. While the neighborhood's heart, around Florentin street, is slightly chaotic, packed with youngsters hanging out 24/7, surrounded by murals and graffiti, and a mix of old and new businesses, some great cafes and cute shops are hidden in between.

Florentin is located just a minute's walk from Rothchild Boulevard, Park Hamesila, Neveh Tzedek, and Noga neighborhoods, as well as from Jaffa and the beach.



Levinsky Market


Levinsky Market was established more than eighty years ago as an open market with spices shops, pastries, etc (more than a few of them are still active today). These days, it is considered one of the hip and cool areas in Tel Aviv, with many cafes, bars, restaurants, and street-food stands. The area combines old with new in the best way you can think of.

The Carmel Market

Until recently, The Carmel Market in the heart of Tel Aviv was just another market. Due to its location, and the rise in popularity of  Farm-to-Table, and farmers' markets, it was just a matter of time until local and creative entrepreneurs realize the great potential and start opening restaurants and bars in the area. Today the Carmel Market is one of the cool areas to hang out, with many cafes, bars, restaurants, and food stands, where you can grab something to eat when in a rush.


The Carmel market starts from the 'Magen David' (star of David) square, where the streets of Allenby, King George, Shenkin, Nachlat Binyamin, and the Carmel Market itself meet.

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