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Flea market

While the Flea Market in Jaffa is what you may describe as the slightly bourgeois part of Jaffa, Noga is the younger and edgier sister.

Noga area is the nick name was given to a group of small streets surrounding Noga theatre, the house of Gesher theather group – one of the major theather groups in Israel today. Noga is located five minutes walk from the Flea Market, in the the northern entrance to Jaffa, on the border between Jaffa to Neve Tzedek and Hatahana mall, Jaffa port and the sea shore.

Noga area is one of the most popular locations for young artists and designers who are opening their first studio or shop and looking to share ideas and be a part of a vital creative community.

Most of the designers in the neigberhood know each other and often collaborate to create public events and special sales. It’s not rare to meet the owner/designer in his or her shop.

You can easily spend a day touring from the Noga area to the Flea Market, in both of them you will find many cafes and restaurants.

Here are some of Oorbo favorite Fashion & accessories shops and studios in NOGA, jaffa.


6 Segula st. Noga area, Jaffa – Tel Aviv


Hoko is a fashion brand founded by designer and owner Hagit Hazan.
Hoko’s designs features clean lines and loose figures which are complimentary to the female body and the urban style. Hoko, by the way, is her childhood nickname, given to her by her young brother.

Hoko is located in Tel Aviv since 2007, after graduating from Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and a fashion design course at Parsons NY.



8 Ruhama st. Noga area, Jaffa – Tel Aviv

Neutra is a unique design boutique which utilizes inner tubes from rubber tires to produce innovative fashion accessories including handbags, purses and wallets. All of our products are hand-made and retain their original tire markings. As a result, each product is special and no two items look excatly the same.


9 Nechama st., Jaffa – Tel Aviv

Magpie goose

Designer Hila Herman: “I’m a graphic designer, a clothes designer and the owner of Magpie Goose. My style is rather structured and clean. I like to call it “casual avant-garde”. My studio-store is located in beautiful Noga District in Jaffa”.


9 Ruchama st. Jaffa – Tel Aviv


Designer Dikla Einat: “Every time something moves me and affects me, I get inspired. I find inspiration in my souroundings, people, events, characters, tours, exhibitions and experiences.
I build my inspiration boards and begin to imagine how the collection will look like. From that point begins a long process that includes tons of sketches and ends with a true model, it is certainly exciting to create from an imagination”.


9 Ruhama st. Noga, Jaffa-Tel Aviv


La’Studio is a gallery of two sisters and their mother (Ronit, Liron, Rotem Cohen), with a workshop inside, locate at Noga neighborhood, Jaffa-Tel Aviv. The workshop is the heart and essence of one family creation.
The Gallery proposes series of unique items, designed, contrived and made by hand in the workshop. You can find very original, personal and unusual objects, from a verity of materials and fields: art, wood work, textile, illustration, jewelries and more.

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