FREE WIFI IN TEL AVIV? The 7 best coffee shops to camp out with your laptop

free wifi tel aviv

Free wifi in Tel Aviv? Well, don’t worry, it’s almost everywhere.

Do you remember what it was like back in the old days, two or three years ago? Can you imagine traveling to a major city without being able to use free wifi?  Well, I can’t.  Yes, I’m one of “them”, one of those addicts, refresh and post, post and refresh.

I clearly remember the day I discovered free wifi is available on one of Tel Aviv’s  beaches. Until that day, the beach was the one place I could disconnect from work, rest a little.  I was lying on the beach, reading a book. I had my iPad with me, so I decided to take a try. “Oh no,” that was my first reaction, “Oh no, I’m doomed”. A minute after I posted a photo to my Instagram account, closed the book and started working. A bit sad, I know.

Do you remember what it was like back in the old days, when we used to stand in line, waiting for our turn in an Internet cafe? Then, when free wifi became more common, it was still slightly weird to watch people working on their laptops in public places, sitting for hours in cafes over a drink or a light meal. Newspapers published debates about whether it’s right or wrong, Some of the cafe owners were very hostile towards the new type of costumes, while others understood quickly that things have changed, adapted the idea and made some changes in order to make the best out of it. Today, free wifi in Tel Aviv is common and accessible,  Tel Aviv, in fact, is one of the friendliest cities to free wifi users, you can get free wifi in Tel Aviv’s cafes, restaurants and or while sitting on a bench in Rothschild Boulevard, using Free_TLV, a citywide network  launched by Tel Aviv municipality.


Here are Oorbo’s favorite free wifi cafes in Tel Aviv

85 King George street, Tel Aviv

Baccio cafe

Baccio cafe is an intimate cafe on King George street, right in the heart of Tel Aviv, near Rabin Square, Dizengoff center, and Dizengoff square, and just a short walk distance from Allenby and Shienkin streets. The story of Baccio cafe starts in the early 90’s as an ice-cream stand with a coffee machine on the side. After almost twenty years, Baccio cafe has changed just a bit. Today, you will not find here any ice cream machine, only coffee, light meals menu, alcohol, and the same special atmosphere of people in their 70th sharing tables and thoughts with twenty years old guys, talking about Art and Philosophy. Baccio cafe is one of those rare places that became a second home for so many people in Tel Aviv.



24 Margoza street, Flea market, Jaffa -Tel Aviv

Margoza family bakery

Margoza family bakery in The flea market area in Jaffa is one of the sweetest cafes you’ll find in this area. Although Margoza family bakery is small and hidden, located on Margoza street, just around the corner of this area’s heart, this place is well known to coffee and pastry lovers. The nice and warm atmosphere, simplicity and fresh pastry made daily, these are probably the reasons.



9 Lincoln street, near Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv

Cafe Hatachtit

Cafe Hatachtit is Located two minutes walk from Rothschild Boulevard and Sheinkin street, open 24/7 and always loaded with good vibes and many regulars.You can order a cup of coffee or a lunch, a glass of wine or a sandwich. Feel free to sit by yourself, read a book (or write one), have a family dinner or a friendly date. You can find here the right spot for every mood you’re in.


HANASICH HAKATAN (The little prince)

19 King George street, near Allenby street, Tel Aviv

Hanasich hakatan

Hanasich Hakatan (The little prince) is a second-hand books store with a cute coffee shop in the backyard. You can sit under a tree, surrounded by walls of books, some of them rare, and order a cup of coffee or a light breakfast.

Hanasich Hakatan is active since 2000, and throughout the years (and different locations) has become a cultural center and a home for writers and artists, hosting them for literature, art, and different cultural events.



109 Yehuda Halevy street, near Rothschild Boulevard, Tel Aviv













Shmanmonet Cafe is a sweet cafe in Yehuda Halevy street, a minute walk from Rothschild Boulevard. colorful and cozy, perfect for a casual coffee, light lunch and friendly to laptop fans.



1 Raynes street, near Dizengoff Square, Tel Aviv

Nahat cafe

The meaning of the word Nahat in Hebrew is quietly, pleasantly, and Hahat Cafe is definitely the right place to get some “Nahat” without leaving the heart of Tel Aviv. Nahat Cafe is located in Dizengoff square and serves many types of roasted coffee and baked goods.



44-51 Geula street, near Allenby street, Tel aviv

Cafe sheleg Jericho


Sheleg is the Hebrew name for “Snow”, and the name of a cozy cafe located on Geula street (on the corner of Allenby street). Geula street is one of Tel Aviv small streets that are facing the sea, what makes it a perfect location for great sunsets. Sheleg Cafe is favoured by artist, writers and lovals who likes the intimate and creative vibe of this place.

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