Oorbo Tel Aviv


Oorbo Tel aviv  is a travel guide for the urban traveler.

We collect for you the coolest local Independent businesses, in six categories:

Design, Fashion, Eat & Drink, Books and Music, Art and  Workshops and unique Tours.

Oorbo Tel Aviv is all about traveling.

Experiencing the city, visiting the most interesting, exciting and creative places for shopping and leisure, and intactacting with  the people who create Tel Aviv’s vibe

You will find here the studio-based designer who works on his first collection, as well as known and super successful places, all of them share the same innovative and kind of intimate vibe that reflects not only the person behind it but part of Tel Aviv character.

Being part of Oorbo Tel Aviv list of businesses is free of any cost, that way we can be free to choose only those places we really like and appreciate, places that create the city vibe and give the city it’s unique voice .

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Q: what kind of business Oorbo Tel Aviv editors are looking for?

A: We are looking for independent businesses that are located in Tel Aviv,  small and newcomers as well as known and successful in the categoies of fashion, product design, coffee shops, restaurants and intimate bars, book stores, music stores and intimate music show spaces, workshops and personal tour guides, all of them must share innovative, contemporary yet local vibe.

* we are not looking for online businesses right now, Oorbo Tel Aviv is all about traveling, experiencing the city, visiting the most interesting , exciting and creative places for shopping and leisure, cultural events or just a coffee, and intactacting people who create Tel Aviv vibe

Q: I would like to register my business but I don’t want to fill the registration form before I’m sure you’ll choose my business as on of oorbo’s recommended businesses.

A: If you have any questions just send us a link to your website or Facebook page and we’ll get back to you shortly.

*Registration is open and free for everyone but Oorbo reserves the right to refuse or remove any listing for any reason, any time, without explanation.


Q: What are the small yellow dots located near some of the businesses names?
A: all the businesses in oorbo are recommended by oorbo’s editors. We give every recommended business the opportunity to register and take over his page management, to keep it fresh and update it with news and events. The yellow dot marks registered businesses.