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About Oorbo

Independent businesses are the driving force of the city

*In Oorbo, we share with you lists of places that we (Ilanit Shamia & friends) visit occasionally or regularly, places we like, or even loooove.

Oorbo started as a personal-cultural - even social in a way - project by Ilanit Shamia, a Tel Aviv-based artist (and a former journalist) with a tendency towards entrepreneurship and technology.

After more than a decade as an active member of Tel Aviv’s creative community, while handling a (very) small independent business of her own (currently online only), she decided to share her local favorites. 

Most of the places are local-independent businesses as well, and many of them are a bit hidden from the non-local visitor's eye.


Please remember that Oorbo’s lists are genuine, but based on the personal taste and preferences of Shamia and her friends. We suggest you visit a place or two, and if it synchronizes with your vibe, stay with us all along the way (and share with your friends:)


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