Art in Fiction - A Kitchenette at Artport // January 5

Artport Tel Aviv

Art in Fiction – A Kitchenette at Artport

If an image is worth a thousand words, how worthy are thousands of words about those who make images?

Dear readers, we invite you to join us at Artport’s kitchenette, and to bring with you a short story or novel that you’d like to read from or hear read, in Hebrew or English (all styles and genres of fiction welcome). We’re seeking selections which imagine the space of art, that offer an interpretation of an artwork (real or imagined), or that describe an artist protagonist. Words are among our most important cultural materials, and our imagined futures and recorded pasts are both subject to the forces of fiction. We’ll convene to think about fiction’s role in the production of a culture imaginary, and its effects on our thinking about contemporary art.

The Kitchenette is organized by Artport’s resident Joseph Del Pesco, a writer and curator at Kadist Art Foundation.

Continuing in the rich tradition of kitchen table discussions the world over, Artport residents invite you to an evening of savory soup, drinks, reading, and discussion well into the small hours of the night

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