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Tel Aviv is considered one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world.

There are many options for any variety of gay culture. If you are the family type you can join the Tel Aviv gay fathers hanging out with their children in ‘Habima square’ on Friday afternoon, or strolling around Rotschildboulevard.
Every June you could join the celebration of pride week, which includes many parties and cultural events, as well as a huge gay parade, typically ending at the beach. The city also hosts the LGBT film festival and many more colorful events.

The pride parade-Evita Bar Tel Aviv

The pride parade. Photo: Evita bar

You may not see Tel Aviv gay couples kissing in the streets (or even holding hands) as much as you wish, but it is absolutely safe to display same-sex affection in all parts of Tel Aviv.

If you prefer to hang out in cafes and bards, many of the cafés, restaurants and bars in the city are owned by LGBT / queer people and you can see here and there pride flags hanging from a balcony or in a corner shop.
You could also grab a coffee / light dinner at the Tel Aviv Gay center. The gay community center is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, at ‘Gan Meir’.

Gan Meir Tel Aviv

Gan Meir (Meir Park)

Apart of the public coffee downstairs it functions primarily as a meeting place for social groups like Iggy: the gay youth group, elderly groups, gay clinic and cultural events.

If you are the party type there are wonderful Tel Aviv gay party lines.
And finally – don’t miss out on the city’s greatest asset: its sun and beautiful beach. Go to the best beach for Tel Aviv gays as Hilton beach, which is located north to Hilton Tel Aviv hotel.



Alby cafe 


This place is the home of the Tel Aviv queer community. Here you can find great cheap food, good music and hospitable environment.


Nahat café

Nahat cafe

The place to get a good coffee and something sweet besides it when you are strolling along Dizengof street.


Cafelix jaffa


Excelant coffee at the charming Noga district, which is full of little boutique shops.



Evita bar

Evita bar Tel Aviv

Close to Rotshild boulevard you can find the most popular Tel Aviv gay bar. Evita is open every night over already a decade with alcohol, parties and drag shows.




The Shpagat is of the cool Nachalat Binyamin street, right in the heart of Tel Aviv. There are parties in the evenings, café during the days. Entrance is usually free.

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Anna Loulou

This tiny bar is located in Jaffa and brings together good music, live music performances, cultural programs, artsy parties and people, of course, local and visitors that are looking for a different and creative night-life experience.

And if you are looking for a party try one of this


The first Mizrachi gay line.

Up Tel Aviv

The new gay line at Florentine neighborhood. Free entrance.


Underground Tel Aviv gay parties line.


And finally, an online guide for Tel Aviv gay events

*Cover Photo: Evita Bar

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